DeveloperWeek Austin 2019 Hackathon

Join 300+ Developers & Hackers at the Austin's Largest Challenge Driven Hackathon.

The Developer Austin 2019 Hackathon is the Austin's largest Challenge Driven hackathon.

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November 6 - 7, 2019

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Attendees must be registerd via Eventbrite & DevPost to qualify!


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Age - 18 years and older. 

Citizenship - Participants from any country are allowed to participate. Visa support letters are not supplied to Hackathon Pass Holders.

Location - Participants must be on-site to participate. 

Team Size - Teams can range in size from 1 - 5 people. 

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$12,650 in prizes

Overall DeveloperWeek Austin Hackathon Winner

1st Place Prize - Echo Spots Overall
DeveloperWeek Austin Hackathon Winner from our Top 5

Challenge #1: Canon - Canon Hackathon Challenge (2)

1st Place - up to $2500 ($500 Canon Gift Card per participant)

2nd Place - up to $1250 ($250 Canon Gift Card per participant)
Get access to Canon's all new Camera Control API and develop a creative application of your own. The CCAPI is a RESTful API that connects via Wi-Fi to simplify integration. Create a working application in a clean format. The application must be considered to be the best use case of the CCAPI provided. The application you design is entirely up to you. The most creative and impressive use of Canon's CCAPI will win. Canon will award efficiency creativity and innovation as the deciding factors in the use case. Essentially use the functionality of the CCAPI to create the best Image Acquisition and/or Remote Camera Control application that you can think of.
Grading Criteria

25 points: Use of the API

30 points: Innovation

30 points: Creativity

15 points: Presentation

Extra Credit for Scalability

Extra Credit for Marketability

Challenge #1: IBM - IBM Hackathon Challenge

1st Place - tote bag, hat & eco friendly reusable straws

Create your application/solution using at least one MicroProfile feature running on Open Liberty.

MicroProfile, a set of open Java technologies for developing cloud-native microservices, defines a set of APIs that your application can leverage for health checks, metrics, fault tolerance, externalized configuration, security, and more. Open Liberty provides the latest versions of MicroProfile and Jakarta EE features under one open-source, flexible, lightweight framework. The winning team will make the best use of the MicroProfile features provided by the Open Liberty runtime.

Challenge #1: PullRequest - Open Source Contributor Data

1st Place - Up to $1500 ($150 per participant in Amazon gift cards and $150 per participant in PullRequest Code Review Credits)

Utilizing one of the publicly accessible data sets of open source contributor data ( or, create a clean, complete application or service. Innovation and creativity within the application will determine the winner. Other data sets can be integrated to enrich the service provided. Remember to check the licenses to make sure your proposed usage is acceptable!

40 points: Innovation
40 points: Creativity
20 points: Code Quality

Extra Credit for Scalability
Extra Credit for Marketability

Challenge #1: Filestack | The #1 File Handling Service for Developers

1st Place - $1,000 cash prize

Overview: Filestack is the #1 content handling platform for developers. We handle everything from file uploads to checking for copyrighted material in your content. Our processing API enables developers to transform images, audio files, video files, and documents, as well as deliver content seamlessly. Unlock our intelligence tasks to access our OCR capabilities for documents and images, scan for viruses, or censor lewd (NSFW) content from being uploaded into your application.

The goal for hackers is to build a functional application utilizing the content APIs from Filestack via Workflows. Workflows will allow you to automate content tasks to solve as many content modification issues as possible, all while creating a smooth user experience. Participants are to use up to 3 workflows in their project. Each workflow will be graded on its traits, but any additional features or workflows will gain the developer extra points.

Grading Criteria
25 points: Does the workflow solve the problem efficiently without over-using transformations? (Having made the best logical path for the transformation(s))
30 points: How many content handling obstacles does the workflow(s) in your application solve?
30 points: How diverse is the workflow? (i.e. How many different files/file types can it work with?)
15 points: How many intelligence tasks are used in each workflow?


Was the picker implemented to complete the project?
Was the picker customized? How?
Was the Transformations UI used for any of the project?

Challenge #1: apitracker | Integration reliability as a service

Up to $500: $100 per participant in Amazon gift cards and 1 year apitracker subscription ($349 value)

Create a complete application or service demonstrating a creative integrations with 3rd party APIs. Hackers should leverage apitracker during the hackathon to speed up the integration process.

30 points: Solving a real problem
30 points: Creativity
20 points: Integrating with 3rd party apis (10 points per API integrated)
20 points: Using apitracker during development

Extra credits:
10 points: Completing a developer survey

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Geoff Domoracki

Geoff Domoracki

Julia Macalaster

Julia Macalaster
COO, Def Method

Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown
Senior Technologist, Handsome

Travis Porter

Travis Porter
Software Engineer - Misty Robotics

Rohit Sinha

Rohit Sinha
Sr. Product Manager, Synerzip

Amith Pulla

Amith Pulla
Technical Program Manager, Intel Corp

Joss Scholten

Joss Scholten
CTO, Yonomi

Brandon Hopen

Brandon Hopen
Product Marketing Lead, Codestream

Judging Criteria

  • Progress
    How much progress did you make?
  • Concept
    Does it solve a real problem?
  • Feasibility
    Could this become a startup or company?

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